Outpacing the next pandemic will take a coalition of the greatest minds.

models of viruses

We’re building a diverse network of experts – virologists, economists, public health specialists, information architects, engineers and more – and tapping into all corners of the human experience to develop comprehensive pandemic-prevention solutions.

Provide innovative insights and solutions to understand and mitigate COVID-19 effects

Construct mechanisms to deliver mitigation strategies for COVID-19

Establish structures and transcendental mechanisms to predict new epi/pandemics

Provide adaptive strategies and networks to proactively address and stave off new pandemics


Janko Nikolich-Zugich

Janko Nikolich

Director, Aegis Consortium

College of Medicine – Tucson

Department Head and Professor, Immunobiology

Co-Director, Arizona Center on Aging

Jim Buizer

Jim Buizer

Associate Director, Aegis Consortium

Founding Director, Arizona Institutes for Resilience

Professor, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Professor, Climate Adaptation and International Development

Ted Matson

Ted Matson

Chief Operating Officer, Aegis Consortium

Amanda Galster

Amanda Galster

Executive Director, PASC-RECOVER

April Yingst

April Yingst

Program Manager, Aegis Consortium

Heidi Erickson

Director of RECOVER Clinical Trials & Compliance

Stephanie Marsh

COM-P Director of Clinical Research