The sheer amount of scientific research on the medical sciences is too large for researchers, either individually or as a part of a larger group, to keep up with. Using machine learning and high-performance computing, natural language technology can be leveraged to read and extract relevant information from large repositories of scientific papers. This information is then used to build a knowledge map that connects different concepts and entities, such as proteins, diseases and biological processes, together. 
We are creating an information system by adapting a biomedical information extraction tool and developing a web interface to support the search for specific information. Our goal is to help life sciences researchers optimize the existing biomedical scientific literature to find solutions to pandemic-related problems. 

Informatics Team

Kobus Barnard

Professor, Computer Science

Misha Chertkov

Professor, Mathematics

Gus Hahn-Powell

Assistant Professor, Linguistics

Bonnie LaFleur

Bonnie LaFleur

Research Professor, R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy

Nirav Merchant

Nirav Merchant

Director, Data Science Institute

Clay Morrison

Associate Professor, School of Information

Portrait of Vignesh Subbian

Vignesh Subbian

Associate Professor, Systems & Industrial Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Mihai Surdeanu

Mihai Surdeanu

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Guang Yao

Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology