Pillar 1
Public health responses


With COVID-19 is surging throughout the state of Arizona, there is a need to easily and quickly reach a diverse and widespread population, with a special focus on rural areas and underrepresented minority groups.

Proposed Solution

UArizona has developed the (AZ)COVIDTXT system to monitor reported illnesses within the community and provide access to timely care as well as everyday needs and resources. The system has reached approximately 3,500 households in Arizona with high retention rates in its initial phase. Based on expertise and infrastructure from successful projects at the University of Arizona, the (AZ)COVIDTXT system has the potential to reach many more households and be duplicated in multiple regions domestically and globally. A recent evaluation of the service indicates that (AZ)COVIDTXT is a trusted source of information.

Statement of Work

We are working to enroll a more diverse and widespread user base for (AZ)COVIDTXT focusing on rural populations and underrepresented minority groups; develop content related to evolving topics such as vacationing and reinfection; develop a more robust dashboard that allows the public and partners to examine common social and resource challenges; and conduct an evaluation of the recruitment strategies, efficacy of specific types of information provided to users, and the (AZ)COVIDTXT platform as a means to reach the public.